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Budgeting & Scheduling

You have the script - now what?


In order to get your project off the ground, you're going to need an accurate schedule and budget that can withstand the scrutiny of investors, production companies and completion bond guarantors.

When you hire me to break down and budget your project, you get the following items, specifically prepared for and tailored to your project:

  • A shooting schedule (a rough plan for shooting your project

  • A cast day-out-of-days (showing how long you'll need your cast)

  • A budget top sheet (1-2 page overview of your budget)

  • A detailed budget (10-50 pages showing where every dollar is allocated)

  • Advice on union agreements and guild contracts

  • Information on film incentives or rebates your project may qualify for

  • Suggestions on how to maximize every dollar of your production budget from prep through delivery

  • All files delivered in PDF and Movie Magic files

If the script is provided as a Final Draft file, as part of my budgeting services I will also provide you with a numbered script to match the schedule.

Additional Services:

  • Cash Flow - detailed projections on the cash needs, including required union and guild deposits, delivered in both Excel and PDF files.

  • Tax Credit Estimation - projection on production incentive amounts, delivered in range of low, expected and high, in both Excel and PDF files.

  • Revisions (full and partial) available for a discounted rate

  • Outside budget review and vetting




Script review & budgeting consultation:                         $100

(applicable towards the services below)                        

Budgeting and Scheduling:

Projects under $1 Million:                                  Email for info

Projects $1 - $2.5 Million:                                               $4000


Projects $2.5 - $5 Million:                                               $5000

Projects $5 - $10 Million:                                                $6500

Projects over $10 Million:                                  Email for info


Other Services:

Cash Flow from budget I prepare:                                   $500

Cash flow from outside budget:                                       $750

*Movie Magic file must be provided

Tax credit estimations from budget I prepare 

(up to two states):                                                              $500


Tax credit estimations from outside budget:                  $750

*Movie Magic file must be provided

Additional states:                                                               $250

Budget review and vetting:                                   Call for info

Rush fee                                                                       Add 25%

(less than 2 weeks turnaround):

Paying by credit card or PayPal, please add 3%

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